Programme 2022

Final Programme

18 July, Monday

10.00 – 10.30 Opening
Moscow Time (UTC+3)
(Central European Summer Time (UTC+2) is 1 hour less)

Duration of lectures is 50+10 min, duration of presentations at young scientist’s session is 17+3 min. Chair: Alexander Studenikin (MSU & NCPM)

Welcome on behalf of the State Corporation ROSATOM, General Director Alexey Likhachev

Welcome on behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President Alexander Sergeev

Welcome on behalf of the Moscow State University, Rector Viktor Sadovnichy

Welcome on behalf of JINR, Director Grigory Trubnikov

Welcome on behalf of RFNC-VNIIEF, Director Valentin Kostyukov

Welcome on behalf of RFNC-VNIIEF, Honorary Scientific Leader Radiy Il’kaev

10.30 Alexander Studenikin (MSU branch in Sarov, NCPM), Welcome from Programme Committee: Amazing Neutrino (history, current status and prospects). (Presentation)

11.00 Jose W.F.Valle (Univ. Valencia), Neutrinos as a new physics pathfinder.

12.00 Group photographing of participants

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch

Young scientist’s session # 1

14.00 Artem Popov (MSU), CP-violating effects in oscillations of supernova Majorana neutrinos (20 min). (Presentation)

14.20 Alexandra Chukhnova (MSU), T-symmetry violation during neutrino propagation in matter and electromagnetic field (20 min). (Presentation)

14.40 Alexey Lichkunov (MSU), Neutrino oscillation in ALPs matter (20 min). (Presentation)

Boris Sharkov (JINR & VNIIEF & MCPM), The National Centre for Physics and Mathematics.

Grigory Kachalin (VNIIEF & MSU-Sarov), The Moscow University branch in Sarov “MSU-Sarov”.

Young scientist’s session # 2

18.00 Vadim Shakhov (MSU), Neutrino charge radius and anapole moment and neutrino oscillations in external environment (20 min). (Presentation)

18.20 Fedor Lazarev (MSU), Elastic neutrino-nucleon and neutrino-nucleus scattering: The BSM electromagnetic channel (20 min).

18.40 Vladimir Yurovsky (MSU), Numerical study of galactic cosmic rays diffusion tensor (20 min). (Presentation)

19 July, Tuesday

09.00 Yury Kudenko (INR RAS), Neutrino enigmas: CP violation, mass hierarchy, sterile states. (Presentation)

10.00 Gioacchino Ranucci (INFN, Milan), Solar neutrino searches in laboratory experiments. (Presentation)

11.30 Dmitry Naumov (JINR), Neutrino physics with nuclear reactor.

12.30 Alexander Studenikin (MSU), Electromagnetic properties of neutrinos: Introduction to the theory and experimental constraints. (Presentation)

Young scientist’s session # 3

14.30 Bogdan Kutsenko (Budker Inst. for Nuclear Phys., Novosibirsk), Study of the conversion decay of an omega meson into a neutral pion and an electron-positron pair on the KMD-3 detector (20 min).

14.50 Kirill Ryabtsev (MSU), Flavour composition of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos (20 min).

15.10 Vadim Egorov (MSU), Neutrino oscillation processes in a quantum-field-theoretical approach (20 min). (Presentation)

15.30 Alexander Stuzhin (MEPhI, Moscow), Technique for detecting high-energy electrons and positrons by means of synchrotron radiation in the Earth’s magnetic field (20 min). (Presentation)

Young scientist’s session # 4

16.30 Rinat Kagirov (MSU), A universe with multiple bounces and alternative scenarios for the evolution of the universe in Horndesky’s extended theories (20 min). (Presentation)

16.50 Radik Nugmanov (NRC “Kurchatov Inst.”), Development of the method for reactor antineutrino candidates searching in detector iDREAM (20 min). (Presentation)

17.10 Ivan Stepantsov (MSU), Compton ionization of atomic hydrogen and positronium: A comparative study (20 min). (Presentation)

17.30 Evgenia Koptyaeva (Demidov Yarislavl State Univ.), Supernova neutrinos: analytical approximations and their verification on modern simulation data (20 min). (Presentation)

18.10 Artyem Bystryakov (JINR), S3 — compact antineutrino detector (20 min). (Presentation)

20 July, Wednesday

09.00 Bayarto Lubsandorzhiev (INR RAS), Experimental methods in neutrino physics. (Presentation)

10.00 Arkady Yukhimchuk (VNIIEF), The search for neutrino magnetic moment with tritium source in Sarov. (Presentation)

11.30 Carlo Giunti (INFN, Turin), New physics with coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering. (Presentation)

12.30 Konstantin Kouzakov (MSU), Electromagnetic neutrino-atom collisions. (Presentation)

17.00 Fedor Šimkovic (Univ. of Bratislava & JINR), Neutrinoless double beta decay. (Presentation)

18.00 Alexander Kryukov (MSU), Machine learning, neural network and artificial intelligence. (Presentation)

21 July, Thursday

09.00 Eduard Boos (MSU), Standard Model and beyond. (Presentation)

10:00 Ivanka Bozovic Jelisavcic (Univ. of Belgrade), Higgs physics with future linear colliders. (Presentation)

11.30 Konstantin Postnov (MSU), Multimessenger astronomy. (Presentation)

12:30 Dmitry Gorbunov (INR RAS), Problems of the Early Universe. (Presentation)

17:00 Diana Seitova (JINR, Dubna), Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope: Recent status and future perspectives. (Presentation)

Young scientist’s session # 5

18.00 Alexander Gorin (INR RAS), Search for dark photons in the near detector of the T2K experiment (20 min). (Presentation)

18.20 Oddharak Tyagi (INFN, Turin & Jawaharlal Nehru Univ., New Delhi), Constraining large extra dimensions with neutrino experiments (20 min). (Presentation)

22 July, Friday

09.00 Alexander Zakharov (JINR), Black hole at Galactic Centre: The observational proofs. (Presentation)

10.00 Konstantin Stankevich (MSU), Neutrino oscillations and quantum decoherence: The theory and experiment. (Presentation)

11.30 Eugeny Yakushev (JINR), Direct search for Dark Matter. (Presentation)

12.30 Andrey Pankratov (Alekseev Univ., Nizhny Novgorod), Subterahertz receivers for radio astronomy and dark matter search. (Presentation)

Young scientist’s session # 6

14.30 Anna Mikhailova (MEPhI), Electron and proton separation methods for the GAMMA-400 gamma spectrometer model (20 min). (Presentation)

14.50 Anna Dergacheva (INR RAS), 3D scintillator neutrino detector SuperFGD of the T2K experiment (20 min). (Presentation)

15.10 Anastasiya Purtova (MSU), Influence of quantum decoherence of neutrino mass states on collective oscillations (20 min). (Presentation)

15.30 Nikita Dolganov (MSU), Flavour and spin-falvour neutrino oscillations with account for neutrino anapole moment (20 min). (Presentation)

15.50 Ivan Suslov (INR RAS), R&D new tellurium-loaded liquid scintillator based on linear alkylbenzene (20 min). (Presentation)

16.10 Oleg Moskalev (VNIIEP), The history of the Russian atomic project. (Presentation)

16.40 Closing Session of the 14th International School on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

Farewell wishes

Valentin Kostyukov, the RFNC-VNIIEF Director, chair of the Organizing Committee

Vyacheslav Solovyev, the RFNC-VNIIEF Scientific Leader

Alexander Studenikin (MSU), co-chair of the Programme Committee